I have been enamored with clay since the age of 12 when I saw pottery being made on a kick wheel at Sturbridge Village. Seeing how fascinated I had been by the craft, my mom signed me up shortly after that for a throwing class at Wesleyan Potters in Connecticut, and pottery has continued to be a great source of joy in my life ever since. I've been so lucky to study with many amazingly skilled potters who are also some of the most hilarious and kindhearted people I've ever met - to name a few: Craig Bird, Kathy Newell, David Frank, Deb Staub, John Hull, Beth Bolgla, Ryan Bothamly, Tim Endriss, Lisa Wolkow, Jasmine Gonzalez, Bob Parrott, Anita Griffith, and Liz Rodriguez.

From 2015-2018 I worked as a Pottery Studio Assistant at Guilford Art Center, Connecticut.  This position greatly deepened my understanding of everything behind the scenes that goes into making pottery and keeping a studio running smoothly.

I'm currently a member and substitute teacher at Easthampton Clay, a beautiful and quickly growing community of potters in Easthampton Massachusetts.